“ I love  creating spaces for you to experience stillness & growth and to inspire you to bring more yoga and meditation into your daily life, so that every day can feel a little more like a retreat…leading to a calmer, more balanced and more happier you”


Kara has been practicing yoga for 20 years, guided by the incredible teachers at Gold Coast Yoga Centre. But the teacher at her very first class was an amazing 70 year old, whose strength, flexibility and more importantly, her happy zest for life was an inspiration. This refusal to “age” as society expects has become ingrained in Kara’s mindset and  she says she feels younger, stronger and happier with who she is, the older she gets.
She attributes this mainly to a daily yoga practice (including living life according to yogic philosophy as much as possible) and several-times-a-day meditation practice.
As a full-time yoga teacher (YTT 500hrs under the world renowned teacher John Ogilvie) and avid retreat-go’er herself, Kara has dedicated her life to helping people discover their potential to create balance, calm and contentment in their lives.
Having hosted 15 retreats in the last couple of years alone (where the majority of retreatees have been return guests), Kara is well-experienced in giving you personalised attention and guidance and taking you on a journey away from your usual life, showing you ways to implement yoga and meditation practices so that they become a natural part of your daily life.



When not retreating Merryl works as a teacher at an Environmental Education Centre, where she is fortunate to combine many of her passions in a role that truly makes a difference, by facilitating nature connection for children and adults.
Merryl is a passionate yogi with a dedicated daily practice in her rainforest backyard.
On retreat Merryl runs moving and reflective workshops where she will share the beauty and wonder of nature with you and truly support you to make deeply personal and respectful connections to the environment, to yourself and to others.

“Merryl was hands down my most memorable and positive teacher I’ve ever had. Her beautiful, nurturing nature and attentiveness to individual needs, ensures wonderful rapport with people of all ages. Her holistic approach and unique ability to make people feel genuinely valued, allows her to elicit people’s best.”
C. Hunter


On our one day retreats located in the tranquil Gold Coast Hinterland we have access to the exciting and beautiful world of Equine Learning. Horses are very intuitive and can open people to wonderful self discovery and understanding

In the open air arena … clients become acquainted with the untethered horses and have the ability to move freely among them. Each time with the horses is unique and opens new doors of understanding.

All interaction with the horses is ground based so being able to ride is not a criteria. Guests can have the option to participate in tailored activities with the horses that move them forward on their journey of self discovery and understanding. Horses being herd animals are acutely attuned to body language and emotions. Horses do not judge, they have total honesty and awareness. This gives them an incredible ability to mirror or create metaphors of what the guest is experiencing

Sally is our Equine Expert: she has worked with horses on rural properties to facilitate stock work for the majority of her life. Her love and understanding of the attributes of horses lead her to Eagala as a magnificent way for these intuitive animals to help people.

“My first yoga class was with Kara 2 years ago, and I have been going weekly ever since. I had been going through some massive life-changing events: my body and mind were totally exhausted, but my yoga has saved me in so many ways. I have been on 4 retreats with Kara and am so excited for my 5th one in a couple of months!
I never want to leave the weekends..the awesome yoga, delicious food , the beautiful people and the gorgeous surroundings are always just what I need!”
J. Chick, April 2016