I have never been on a retreat before and am a little nervous.

After all these years we still get that excited/nervous feeling when we arrive as guests on retreats. It is more an excited feeling rather than nervous, because you are embarking on an experience that is unknown, that you know is going to expand you and develop you as a person…that is exciting!

To help you feel more relaxed please feel free to send us an email and we will give you a call and we can chat about any of your concerns.

Am I able to have a room by myself?

All of our venues are twin share but you are welcome to book in one room to yourself, but please keep in mind the price will be more to make up for the fact that the other bed isn’t being filled. If you are booking in for a single room, all beds join together to make a big, comfy double bed just for you.

Sharing with “a friend you haven’t met yet” is one of those things we are often apprehensive about but can be one of the most rewarding things you take from your stay.

I haven’t had much experience with yoga.

All of the yoga classes take into account everyone’s differing yoga experience/injuries etc. If you have never done any yoga before, to make your classes more enjoyable you might like to think about going to some beginners classes where you live, before the retreat (although it isn’t essential).

The beauty of yoga is that you can make each class as relaxed or as energetic as you feel. And it’s different every time we step on the mat…if we listen to what our body needs and not what our mind thinks we “should” be doing. As teachers, we love it when people take time out of a class to rest in a restorative pose on their mat…because it means they are listening to their body over what the teacher is instructing…and this is what we are encouraging people to do….connect with their bodies more.

I have tried meditation before and I just can't do it!

Meditation is often held up to be this elusive, incredibly hard thing that some “other” people are special enough to be able to do, but a lot of people feel it is something that they will just never be able to do. In fact meditation is so simple in what it actually is (calming of the mind), but yes, it is difficult to grasp initially and it does take a lot of practice. A good comparison is…if you want to learn how to play the piano you would never think you are going to start playing Beethoven Sonatas straight away…you would start with the basics and practice every day, and it just gets easier and easier as you go along.

We teach you techniques to bring a very simple, extremely easy practice into your daily life…starting with just a couple of minutes a day.  The results of this daily practice can be astounding, life changing in fact. And the science behind the neurological changes that start to take place in your brain is irrefutable. You will discover a more calm and less reactive version of yourself and you will most likely see bad habits start to drop away without you even trying.

What style of yoga do you teach?

Our classes are based on the traditional Hatha yoga style and more specifically it can be described as “Purna Yoga”. Purna  is a Sanskrit word meaning “complete” and Purna Yoga is an evolving system using a wide variety of inspiring and effective techniques to address our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. So besides the “asana”..physical postures that most people associate with yoga, we also focus on breathing techniques, meditation and yoga philosophy.

Our teachers are very experienced in leading classes with options for students from beginners to experienced whilst modifying poses to take into account people’s injuries etc.

I am a male, can I come on a retreat?

Yes! Most definitely. We have had many men on our retreats, several have come with their wives/partners and many also come by themselves.

This is a message after a retreat from one of our guests, Tim (in fact, he has been on 3 more of our retreats since we received this message from him): “WOW, thank you so much for the best weekend I have had in a long time. I really need to learn to switch off more and the last 3 days has helped me heaps. Your passion and enthusiasm towards your classes and retreats is awesome”. 

I am pregnant; can I come on a retreat?

We have had several pregnant women on previous retreats.

If you have had a regular yoga practice before you were pregnant, it is fine to come (after you first trimester).

However, if you are new to yoga, we don’t recommend taking it up until after bub is born. But you are welcome to come on retreat and you could use the yoga class times as your extra “me-time”: indulging in massages, lazing by the pool, spending time in beautiful rainforests etc.

I am travelling from interstate, how do I get to the venue.

We have an airport pickup service from Gold Coast airport, on the Friday at one set time in the early afternoon.

Usually there are a few people requiring this service and the cost is shared.

What do I need to bring?

Once you have booked in we will email you a detailed list of things to bring and also directions/maps on how to get to the venue.

Will there be plenty of food?

People always absolutely rave about our meals… you will be extremely well fed and well  nourished! And leave with several great recipes to try out at home!

Will I have to go without coffee?

At My Yoga Retreat we don’t see the point in asking you to abstain from coffee for just 2 days and going through the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal (headaches etc) while you are trying to enjoy your retreat. We have freshly ground plunger coffee for you to help yourself to at any time.

If you are a heavy coffee drinker and have been wanting to decrease your intake, you retreat weekend is a great time to try and wean yourself off the amount of coffee that you drink, by substituting the occasional coffee with one of our delicious herbal teas.

Can I drink alcohol?

Our retreats are all alcohol-free. Our programs are meticulously planned and designed to take you to such a different level of energy during your entire weekend, even those who are used to having a drink each night have told us afterwards they didn’t miss it at all and certainly didn’t feel the need for it. And that is one of the many, many effects of a retreat, it helps us to step away from habitual patterns.