“Life is full of ups and downs… sometimes we need space and time with ourselves, to discover from within: our answers, our creativity, our passion, our compassion… and our zest for life once again”

Life is hectic, our minds are hectic…We all look forward to our holidays as a means to break the rhythm of the daily grind, but holidays can also leave us feeling more exhausted than we were beforehand.

Whereas on retreat we take a step back from our hectic life. For the whole weekend it is all about YOU; you have no one else to look after, you don’t have to think about or plan anything while you’re on retreat…every step of your day is laid out for you and you can either do everything on the schedule (which is perfectly paced with plenty of yoga, meditation, massages, workshops, nature walks, free time – and even swinging in hammocks & swimming depending on the venue – and of course one of the favourite parts for most people…lots of very delicious but healthy food)…or you can skip what you like and just chill out!
By “retreating” from everyday life, from your usual habits and patterns and from other people’s expectations of you & delving deep into your yoga & meditation practice you will truly spend time for yourself and in doing so, get to know yourself better and replenish your tank, so that you can be there for those around you… more present, more compassionate and more content.

Why Silent retreat?

(We run 2 silent retreats a year please check out our schedule to discover our silent retreats. Silent retreats are often called Vipassana meditation or Vipassana retreats)

Kara (MyYogaRetreat founder) had been on approx 12 retreats as a guest before she finally tried a silent retreat “and I was hooked! It took the retreat to a totally different depth. It is very difficult to describe what it is like, because it’s just so powerful and can be truly life changing. If you are familiar with that floating on air, balanced and calm feeling that you may experience after a yoga class, but then that feeling slowly starts to disappear as you start interacting with people, and traffic and problems etc again. On a silent retrea, t that feeling you have after yoga…  you aren’t drawn out of it all… it just continues on and on… for the entire weekend! Allowing you the inner quiet to delve a little deeper and discover more about yourself. “

Often the people who seem the most anxious about not talking for several days at the beginning of the retreat, are the ones with the biggest smiles on their faces at the end, raving about how incredible it was.

It is so amazing to have a break from social “rules” like engaging in small talk or even having to say please and thank you. To have permission for these few days to not have to interact but to just “be” and to experience life as it unfolds around us…alone, but not alone at all…as you are warmly surrounded by people who are all seeking happiness in their own way.

“2 weeks after my 2nd yoga retreat with Kara, I’m still reflecting on the great people I have met and the wonderful gifts I have. The first gift was space for myself and learning to find the elusive quiet area in my brain where there is peace. The 2nd gift is a baby girl growing in my belly who has already been to her first yoga retreat. After trying to conceive for a few years I went to the first yoga retreat just to relax. I credit this opportunity with allowing my body and my mind to stop fighting each other. I think this helped me make space for the new little person growing in my belly. Thank you so much for the amazing retreat and the opportunity to nourish and nurture all of me”.
I. Napier, February 2016